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ImageToday i am writing this post on New Years Eve. This post will be a bit of a guide for the blog and what i plan to do for all of my followers. As you know the blog has only been running for a matter of weeks but that doesn’t mean i don’t have big plans for 2013! 

  • New Design
  • New Sections: DIY, Cooking, Lifestyle, Parties
  • Collaboration [with another local blogger i know you will all love]

These are just a few of the new plans for the blog. If you have any suggestions or anything you would like to see please let me know on Twitter or email 

I hope you all have a very safe & happy new years and you will be hearing from me next year!


new years eve is approaching us quickly so i thought it would be the perfect time to show you my idea of the perfect new years eve outfit. it defiantly has to be something covered in sequins, glitter and dark statement nails. Image

shop these items: 1. Zigzag sequin dress by Louise Gray 2. Noir Jewellery Nightfall Crystal Drop Earrings 3. Estee Lauder Beyond Black nail polish 4. Kotur Gold Glitter Clutch  5. Moet & Chandon 6. Kate Spade – Karolina

well, saturday morning i was given the most amazing present of all time. a beautiful little french bulldog puppy!! for months i have been tip-toeing around the topic with my family and always getting the answer NO! but saturday morning when my dad walked into work with this amazing little puppy in his arms you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. his full name is Charles Barkley Petrofski-Litster [yes i know who Charles Barkley is, i think it ironically funny] but you can call him Charlie for short. Expect LOTS of cute pictures on my instagram of this little guy. Charlie is that ugly it’s cute, check out the pictures.



I have begun my Melbourne holiday, FINALLY!! So far it has been great. Yesterday we arrived in Sydney got our Perfect Blue Holden SV6 (I am a Holden girl if you haven’t noticed) and headed straight for Gosford. After a long day of traveling it was lovely to simply down stairs at the RSL for dinner and surprisingly it was really great.

This morning we woke up and meet with Colin and Kim from Mitavite for breakfast. Afterword’s, we drove to Somersby and checked out the mill. It was really interesting to see how the product that we sell is made.

The rest of the afternoon we spent at Castle Hill shopping center. It was a great warm up shopping trip. There is a Myer and David Jones and everything in the middle.

Below are some of the pictures of the trip so far (including the beautiful sunset.)ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Today I am FINALLY getting to leave for my holiday to Melbourne. We first fly to Sydney and then drive to visit suppliers. Monday, I believe, we fly to Melbourne for some much needed Christmas shopping!! While in Melbourne I will be attending Blogshop which I am super excited about. I will post some pictures of the holiday as it goes along!